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School Spirits (Hex Hall)

School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins This review is also on my blog, My Friends Are FictionThe Story: I confess when I requested this title I did so on the high ratings I'd seen other reviews give it and the cover. I didn't know it was a spin-off and I'd never read a Rachel Hawkins book. I have no idea how I never read (or heard of) the Hex Hall series but it's on my list now. With nothing to base School Spirits on I dove in blindly and really enjoyed the experience. The pacing was perfect and the characters were likeable. The story wasn't complicated and I must admit it wasn't overly original. Pretty standard story arc but the witty dialog made it stand out. One of the only negatives I had was that the ghost was sadly absent through most of the book. I never felt scared or even stressed. But sometimes, it's a nice change to read something light hearted.The Characters: I really grew to love the characters in School Spirits, especially Dex. He was adorably sweet and I loved his sense of humor. And really, who doesn't love a guy in a pea coat (and a purple one no less)? I enjoyed seeing Izzy's point of view; I found her to be a good main character and rarely did she do anything that made me frustrated. I am intrigued with Torin and all his years being trapped in the Brannick mirror. Does he make an appearance in the Hex Hall books? There was not a single character I didn't like, which is a nice change from the books I've read recently.Final Thoughts:School Spirits is a really engaging, lively read that opened my eyes to Rachel Hawkins and now I must go and read the Hex Hall series.