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Delia's Shadow (Delia Martin #1) - Jaime Lee Moyer This and other reviews on my blog My Friends Are FictionActual rating 3.5The Story: Half crime drama and half paranormal Delia’s Shadow pulls from both genres melding them extremely well. Moyer successfully creates an eerie aura with enough anxiety to keep the reader’s interest. I adored the Victorian setting and felt that the book stuck well to the times and location it was representing.This was the first book I’ve read, in memory, that alternated between first person (Delia’s point of view) and third person (Gabe’s story). I felt that this created an awkward mix in the beginning, feeling like two books rather than one. As I continued to read I acclimated and didn’t feel pulled out of the story when the shift happened.My biggest issue with this novel was the lack of depth and detail put into the serial killer’s personality and character. I felt that when the big reveal finally happened it was a bit of a let down because there didn’t feel to me to be any major plot twists. Moyer had a few things twist and turn through-out the novel but none of them took my breath away.The Characters: I felt that Moyer did an exceptional job giving Delia a well rounded personality and showing the reader how life was for her being haunted and constantly at a ghost’s whim. I felt that the secondary characters were well done and felt very unique, Isadora being an easy favorite. There was a slight romantic aspect threaded through but was never the main focus of the story.Though the point of view shifts were awkward, I found I enjoyed seeing things from both Delia and Gabe’s eyes. I think that alternating did give me a better look into the overall story arc but wished the switch could have been smoother.Final Thoughts: Overall Delia’s Shadow was an intriguing read though it dragged in places and could have used more details about the serial killer to help give the reader a legitimate fear of him.