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Seraphina - I had Seraphina on my must read list for a good while and bought it right when it released. Oddly enough, it sat for weeks before I got to reading it. Well, I should have read it sooner, I loved it. The Story: This is a high fantasy about…dragons, but its a different take on dragons than you are used to. These dragons can make themselves into human form and attend as ambassadors with the humans and also serve as teachers. The humans and dragons have been living under a treaty for forty years that allows them to live in peace with one another. The story centers on Seraphina (what a wonderful name). She is an accomplished musician but she hides a dangerous secret. She finds herself living in the King’s court right in the midst of a murder investigation that looks strangely like a dragon could be responsible. She joins forces with Prince Lucian Kiggs to investigate the murder that strains the treaty right as it is due to expire. I find a lot of high fantasy moves rather slowly but this story picked up and ran for me. The Characters: Rachel Hartman does an exquisite job fleshing her characters out, even the secondary characters. They are all well rounded and you have a real sense of their individual motives. As you read you see development in our main character, Seraphina. She is not stagnant but continues to grow as the story progresses. Prince Lucian Kiggs is wonderful and has great dialog with Seraphina.from my blog, My Friends Are Fiction