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What's Left of Me (Hybrid Chronicles Series #1)

What's Left of Me (Hybrid Chronicles Series #1) - Read this and other reviews on my blog My Friends Are FictionActual rating 3.5My Thoughts: Zhang created a very unique idea in this novel, having two souls sharing one body. The implications of living like that and how everyday situations would be different was intriguing. Where I couldn’t follow was that questions I had were never answered. I needed to know why people were born this way and why after time the souls ‘settled’ leaving only one soul where two had been.I felt that the pacing was slow but not dull. We followed Addie and Eva through their normal life and the stresses of being different yet having to hide it from everyone, even those you love. Zhang did an excellent job giving each a voice that was uniquely theirs and desires and needs that varied. I was never confused whom I was following or what their motivation was. I found the dialog between the two very intriguing and overall it kept my interest.Near the middle, the pacing picked up yet slowed again for the last third. This section was too slow for my liking and I was eager for the story to wrap up and for some conclusion to be made. Zhang succeeded in creating an antagonist I disliked. She gave them all the bad but I never understood their motivations for what they were doing so I didn’t feel they were very well rounded.Though I wanted more world building I believe that many of my lingering questions will be addressed in the next book, Once We Were.