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The Nightmare Affair

The Nightmare Affair - The Story:The Nightmare Affair was an enjoyable read for me for the most part, though I did see a few of the twists coming. I loved that our main character was a Nightmare; I tend to gravitate to stories centering on any form of dream walkers (Sandman by Neil Gaiman being my favorite). The story had good bones: a girl who is a literal Nightmare (like the Old Hag in folklore) that through a human's dreams (who happens to be a really attractive guy) can help solve murders. Most of the book moved at a nice pace with just a few areas lagging. It honestly had a Harry Potter-ish feel to me in some aspects: being at a school for magic users, not trusting all the faculty, etc. Though the idea of Nightmares was original; the story itself felt familiar and the mystery unraveled rather slowly and was not climatic. I never felt nervous for our characters on their adventure. The big reveal was a let down to me, I wanted so much more.The Characters: I think the characters were the strongest aspect for me in this book. I liked Eli and Dusty and enjoyed watching their interactions with one another. Their dialog was often times funny and it really was the prominent thing keeping me invested in the story. I also enjoyed learning the little we were given about Nightmares and their purposes. The entire magical world seemed a bit lacking in description to me but I'm hoping Mindee Arnett will go deeper in the next book.Final Thoughts: Overall a light, entertaining read that I enjoyed but wished it had been a tad darker. I look forward to what Mindee Arnett has in store for the following book.This review is also on my blog, My Friends Are Fiction