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Ink - Amanda Sun This and other reviews on my site, My Friends Are FictionMy Take:Note: I'm using a different structure for this review rather than breaking down aspects of the story and the characters separately. I loved the idea behind Ink. The story taking place in Japan really drew me to requesting this title along with the beautiful cover and intrigue of a young adult novel venturing into Japanese mythology. Unfortunately, Ink and I were not as compatible as I would have liked. One downside to reading and reviewing a lot of titles is that eventually you get jaded by certain story lines, character traits and dynamics.Ink felt very familiar to me, the unique setting of Japan was not enough to stand out to me. The writing was well done, aspects of the story were interesting but I could not look past the similarities to other YA books and overall predictability. You might be asking, what seemed so overused? Well, you have a misplaced main character overcoming tragedy and uncomfortable in her new environment. Enter mysterious guy who appears to be a jerk but has so many secrets and he just might not be that bad. Guy pushes girl away (for her own good) but she pushes back because she knows there is so much more to him than what meets the eye. Insta-love ensues.As for the positives, I will say I was impressed with the choice of setting, details to the Japanese culture (the author obviously did her research) and the ink drawings sprinkled throughout the book were stunning.Final Thoughts: I think many people will really enjoy this book especially if they are new to the young adult genre and haven't read many other takes on this (cliché) story line. The setting was fantastic but for someone like me, that has read a lot, the similarities and seemingly formulaic approach might take away from the overall enjoyment.