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Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass)

Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Maas I have a giveaway for a Signed copy of Crown of Midnight and original Lego cover art on my blog My Friends Are FictionThis review and others on my blog My Friends Are Fiction My Take: In good fantasy the author has successfully created a world and characters that the reader can relate to- though they are capable of fantastic feats in a world with different boundaries than our own. Great fantasy has the reader so enraptured with the author’s creation that it becomes real. In essence convincing the audience that somewhere this world inhabited by those characters exists (even if only in our imagination). Maas has created great fantasy with her latest installment of the Throne of Glass series.Crown of Midnight starts off slowly, easing the reader back into the Celaena’s story and world. Now that she is the King’s Champion her life is different, her most pressing problem the King and his list of targets to assassinate. She has to slip under his radar yet keep her sense of self and adhere to her own morals.Maas did an amazing job giving depth and realistic flaws to her main cast of characters. Celaena still felt the weight and stress of her role but she also felt that she was a coward and dealt with her own self doubt. Favorites from the last book, Chaol, Nehemia and Prince Dorian all play as important of a role in this latest installment. Maas developed their characters even further as we see Celaena interact with them.About midway the pacing took off and I was totally held captive by Maas’ words as the stakes got ever higher and I truly couldn’t see how our characters would get out of the mess they found themselves. I cried, I stressed, I flip flopped between emotions while being completely glued to the story.Final Thoughts: I enjoyed Crown of Midnight more than Throne of Glass because I connected more with the characters and had the backstory behind their actions. I loved where Maas has taken this series and am so excited and eager for the next book.