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Half-Blood (Covenant Series #1)

Half-Blood - Jennifer L. Armentrout Also on my blog, My Friends Are FictionMy Thoughts: This was my second reading of Half Blood book one of the Covenant Series. I found it held up very well for a second read through. I find Jennifer Armentrout's writing to be infectious and so easy to become absorbed in; I tend to speed through her books. To me, its impossible not to enjoy her characters (she really has a way with male characters...Daemon, Aiden, now folks are loving Cam) and the humor she uses in her dialog.Half Blood's fast pacing and easy banter between characters gives the book a light feel though it delves into dark and sometimes serious subjects. Armentrout writes of castes (the pures vs half bloods), slavery and death. Having read the story before I found that I focused more on the darker elements that slipped by my notice the first time since I was so eager to see what would happen next.Armentrout has a gift at giving her characters distinct voices and traits that are more often than not humorous. Alex (Alexandria) has a bold personality and she exudes a confidence that she doesn't necessarily have. I personally don't have anything in common with her, since I tend to be quiet, reserved and in no way have the guts to break all the rules. I find these differences endear her to me. Though her choices are so different than the ones I would make in her position I am able to understand and empathize with why she makes them.I can't help myself but I really like Seth's character. First time reading I liked him more than Aiden (gasp!) but having reread I found that I was leaning more towards Aiden because I could understand his choices and responsibilities better. I preferred Seth initially because he is less concerned with the rules and more with what he wants. His boldness and arrogance actually appeals to me though I think as a match to Alex he's not nearly as suited as Aiden is.All of the books I've read by Jennifer Armentrout are quick, easy and entertaining. It's automatic that I read anything and everything she releases in the paranormal young adult genre.