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The Chaos of Stars - Kiersten White This review and others on my blog My Friends Are FictionActual Rating 2.5 The Story: There were elements of The Chaos of Stars that were very interesting, mostly concerning the Egyptian mythology. Unfortunately, the other aspects were less enthralling and not a lot stood out. The pacing was very slow and this book lacked the action of White’s Paranormalcy series. There was never a need for me to rush through the pages seeking the outcome.I think this might have been a character driven book? I can only assume that one of the goal’s of the novel was to show the growth of the main character and to allow the reader to journey with her. There was growth but it was little too late in my opinion and never was enough to make this a truly interesting read for me.The Characters: Isadora, the main character, was the biggest fault about this book to me. She started as a spoiled, entitled, whiney and overall dislikeable character. I had no interest in her and struggled through the first forty percent of the book trying to get past my annoyance with her. After that point she started to grow and her character became much more tolerable. I never grew to like her but it was much easier to follow the story in her point of view.My favorite character was Ry. He, along with the other two main secondary characters Taylor and Scott, were the best aspects of this book. Ry was even capable of making me enjoy Isadora a time or two. He is a well rounded, funny and likeable character.Final Thoughts: I was drawn to Chaos of Stars by the beautiful cover art and the premise of a mythology driven plot. I wasn’t ever fully immersed in this book and found a lot of it a chore to read. The last bit of the book picked up significantly and I began to become more invested only for the book to end.