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The Weight of Souls (Strange Chemistry)

The Weight of Souls - Bryony Pearce This and other reviews on my blog My Friends Are FictionThe Story: I went into this book with little idea of the plot since I requested it with just a brief scan of the summary. For the most part, I really enjoyed The Weight of Souls. I found the pacing to be a great speed and was immediately drawn into the world that Pearce created and why Taylor was seeing ghosts . I was really surprised by how deep the story was and how it encompassed Egyptian myth. It was evident that the author researched her material and was passionate about telling this story. I will say that the way Pearce chose to present Taylor’s family history, through a relative’s journal, felt clunky to me. I never felt that the transition was smooth though I enjoyed the information provided.SPOILER BELOW My only flaw with this book was the romance. I could never get behind the relationship because I couldn’t see the Taylor and Justin more than friends. I enjoyed their dialog and friendship but any emotions going beyond friendship felt ‘off’ to me. I think it’s because I wasn’t sold that Taylor could fall for someone who had treated her the way that Justin had prior to him needing her help. END SPOILERThe Characters: I really enjoyed Taylor’s character. She was strong willed, capable and bold main character that made the most of her tough life. Her everyday existence was heartbreaking in the amount of stress and sadness she experienced. The bullying at school was horribly cruel and made me sad for her though it made her best friend stand out in her strength and solidarity.Taylor’s father hasn’t had an easy time either and I was really impressed with the way Pearce wrote him. He was incredibly real and though he had faults you never questioned his love of his daughter. It was refreshing to read about a strong father figure that was present in his daughter’s life though he made obvious mistakes.Final Thoughts:The Weight of Souls was a surprisingly unique and engrossing read though it did have a couple minor flaws. Some of the techniques Pearce utilized for proving background information to the reader felt clunky and the romance was hard for me to believe but neither of these detracted from my overall enjoyment of this book.