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Shadow and Bone - The Story: This is going to be one of those reviews where I say over and over how much I love this and that...because well, I love this book! I loved it the first time I read it and I'm enjoying it even more upon rereading. The story is beautifully written and flows at a wonderful moderate pace. Bardugo creates an exquisite world deep with description. I adore the idea of the Grisha and even better the strongest amongst their ranks, the Darkling. The story is well crafted and beautifully executed. See like I noted, just a bunch of love for this book.The Characters: I immediately was drawn to our heroine, Alina. Our first introduction to her is in the orphanage where she was raised, she was described as:"She's an ugly little thing. No child should look like that. Pale and sour, like a glass of milk that's turned"She has a strong spirit and I loved seeing Bardugo's world, Ravka, through Alina's point of view. Her relationship with Mal is written very realistically and I could feel the tension between them. Mal is wonderful though at times he might appear to be shallow, with his good looks and ease at gaining women's eye. I never once questioned his true character and loyalties. And the Darkling, he is done oh so well. I couldn't stop myself for being undeniably entranced with him yet I felt nervous about what he was up to.Final Thoughts:Shadow and Bone encompasses everything I love in a fantasy book: a unique world but with aspects of our own, characters I love, a heroine I want to succeed and a love interest worthy of her affection. If you are a fantasy fan read this book.Also on my blog My Friends Are Fiction