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The Madman's Daughter - update: I finished and I'm happy I picked it back up because the last 100 pages were awesome. Rating 3.5You can read my full review (I promise its more coherent) on my blog, My Friends Are FictionI wanted to love this but I just couldn't get through it because it was just too dark. It's a well done book but not something I want to keep reading. This next part will have spoilers...you've been warned..I should have known there would be animal cruelty...I did in the back of my mind (knowing it was a take on The Island of Dr. Moreau) but it was just so hard for me to read, I kept getting so upset about the poor caged animals...it was less about what was written and my own mind just imagining it all (the rabbit violence was too much to me). Also, for the love aspect...I'm not crazy about a triangle and this had one...but that wasn't what bothered me. I couldn't get into either male interest because I never knew enough about Mr. Prince and Montgomery, well, I just knew he was working with the Dr., just knowing he was standing there watching it all happen--I couldn't find him engaging after that. BUT I didn't finish the book! Maybe we learn that he has been saving the animals and has a master plan. I hope to finish it sometime and maybe my view will change but for now I had to walk away.