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Reboot - Amy Tintera This review also appears on my blog My Friends Are FictionI read this along with Scott Reads It read his review here The Story:Reboot is an original concept, pulling inspiration from the American zombie narrative but adding such an unique twist I'm not entirely sure zombie would be the right category. I loved the concept of the amount of time one is dead determining how much of their human emotions they possess.I was impressed with the world creation and depth and found it was easy for me to imagine and visualize. Tintera created a story that moved smoothly that had a lot of action through out. The story did slow down about midway but picked up again to a nice pace near the end to a great conclusion that has me very eager for the next book.The Characters: Wren and Callum are a great mix of opposites attracting and having wonderful dialog. Wren was dead for 178 minutes causing her to hold very little of her human attributes. She is a well oiled killing machine until Callum, who was dead for a short 22 minutes, shows up. I almost wished Wren was colder even after meeting Callum and I have to admit I was disappointed at how easily she thawed in his presence. But, this was just a small qualm that did not detract from my overall enjoyment in any way.Tintera wrote Callum with such a realistic sense of humor and he seemed incredibly real to me. Each character had a very distinct and unique personality. This goes for the secondary characters as well. Attention was given to their interactions with each other and our main characters which helped to create a vivid world.Final Thoughts: I really enjoyed Reboot because of the creative concept and great character dynamics. I will certainly read the next in the series and anything Amy Tintera releases.