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Arclight - Josin L. McQuein Interview with Josin L McQueinReview is also on my blog, My Friends Are FictionI read this with Scott Reads It, Read his reviewThe Story:Arclight has an original premise which kept me interested from start to finish. McQuein has created an intriguing concept with the Arclight, Grey and Dark and with the Fade. As I read I had a hard time really grasping the full scope of the world and its inhabitants. This might frustrate some readers but I honestly loved it. It kept me alert the entire time I was reading, looking for clues and piecing things together. In no part of the story did I want to stop learning about the world McQuein described. I wanted more; I need to know about the Fade: do they eat? sleep? I want to know every detail possible to help flesh out this vastly unique world.The thing I loved so much about Arclight was the subtle creepiness. Nothing out right scary but the Fade and Dark are ominous. The lack of knowing all the details really let my imagination run and added to the atmosphere. Part of my enjoyment of this book was in the mystery of the world and bad guys. I want so badly for there to be a prequel that takes a character through the world's transition to Dark.The Characters: For the most part I enjoyed all the characters McQuein created and developed. Our main character, Marina was strong-willed and resilient. I enjoyed watching her discover answers to her questions and grow. The one character that was lacking most for me was Tobin. I never found myself really caring about what became of him though I didn't dislike him, he just fell to the wayside because I cared much more for Rue. Tobin was also rather belligerent in the beginning and his character's growth seemed sudden and a little disjointed.Final Thoughts: I really loved Arclight because of its mysterious Fade and ominous atmosphere mixed with some great sci-fi elements. I am beyond happy that there will be a sequel.