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Taken  - Erin Bowman Also on my blog, My Friends Are FictionThe Story:Taken started out incredibly strong; I was sucked into the story and the town of Claysoot immediately. I was eager to learn more about the inhabitants and find out why the Heist was happening to only 18 year old males and what caused it to occur. Sadly, the further I read the less impressed I was with the where Bowman took the story. While reading I suspected a direction the book would take but hoped that I would be wrong. But alas, it was as I was afraid it would be. Once I realized this, it took me a little time (and a break from the book) to regain my initial interest in the outcome. I found Bowman's approach at separating the book into four sections interesting, though I felt each section was progressively weaker.The Characters: My biggest issue with the book were the characters. I found them likable at first but as the story progressed I found less I enjoyed about Gray (the protagonist) or Emma (the love interest). I did like some of the characters later in the story (Harvey, Bree, etc) but wished Bowman had gone into more depth with them. They were just touched upon and lacked details which made it hard for me to really connect with them or their experiences. Gray became very hard to tolerate in his romantic aspirations. There is a love triangle though it is a bit different as it's between one guy and two girls. I didn't feel more toward either love interest unfortunately. It's sexist, but it's easier for me to read about a girl torn between two men than the other way around; at least it was in how Bowman portrayed it in this book.Final Thoughts:Taken had a lot of things going for it with the story, though parts felt done before, but the characters really lacked for me. I will probably check out book two hoping more depth and character growth is explored.Thank you HarperTeen and Edelweiss for the chance to read and review Taken prior to it's release.