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Pivot Point

Pivot Point - The Story:Pivot Point was a wonderful merge of the movie Sliding Doors and the TV show Heroes to me. I loved experiencing the dual realities and didn't find the flip flopping confusing. I think West did a good job keeping the reader straight on which was which. All the pieces fell nicely in place for the big climax and I was not let down by the outcome. Some of the characteristics of the 'villain' did feel familiar to me in a lot of aspects. I won't ruin how by revealing in which ways. The thing that really grabbed me about the story and book itself was how realistic it all felt though it dealt with mental superpowers. It seemed entirely possible that this was real and happening in our world today. The pacing moved fast and I was interested in what the outcome would be throughout.The Characters: I feel like some of the characters were a bit type cast (Bobby being creepy with greasy hair--why do creepy guys not bathe? And of course Duke being the football star). This did not detract from my enjoyment and I did enjoy going through the journey with our main character, Addie. I, of course, appreciated her love of reading and books. I enjoyed watching her get to know Trevor in the Norm world. He is a great character and love interest. He did remind me in some ways of the Unearthly series', Tucker. Maybe because they bother were cowboy types and so sweet.Final Thoughts: I am eagerly waiting for book 2 to see where Addie's future will take her.Also seen on my blog My Friends Are Fiction