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Chantress  - Amy Butler Greenfield Review also on my website, My Friends Are FictionThe Story: Overall Chantress was an enjoyable read for me. It was fairly slow paced but this made for a relaxing read. I was able to comfortably sink into the story without feeling overly anxious or stressed until the very end of the book. A good amount of Chantress focuses on Lucy's journey to figure out who she is and what her powers are. Though our heroine faces a very real threat for the most part I felt like our characters were safe. I desperately wanted to see the Shadowgrims in action and hoped they would strike more fear into me as I read. I appreciated that there weren't any closely held secrets within the book, the answers I wanted I received and fairly quickly.The Characters:Greenfield fills Chantress with likeable characters though they aren't incredibly memorable. Lucy, our main character, grows significantly throughout the novel, gaining confidence. I was eager to learn more of our villain, such as a clearer view of his motives. At one point Lucy is able to venture into his mind and I was hoping she would do this again and learn more about him. I enjoyed the romantic aspects, they were slow to develop so no insta-love or love triangle, a welcome change.Final Thoughts:Chantress provides a unique take on fantasy and magic and I look forward to reading the next in the series and hope for a bit of a faster pace and deeper relationship building.