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Let the Sky Fall - Shannon Messenger Actual rating: 3.5The Story:Let the Sky Fall had me interested immediately. The dual point of views of Audra and Vane gave me insight into what both were feeling and I enjoyed seeing the story unfold from both of their eyes. I enjoyed the aspect of the sylph/air elemental being the supernatural creature in this book though the basic story arc was pretty typical of a young adult paranormal romance. I was impressed with how creative Messenger was with explaining all the types of sylphs and their abilities. The story itself moves rather slowly but its a fast read regardless. You have a sense of urgency but its not stressful or very intense. When the climax finally happened it was a tad underwhelming and not all that surprising to me. It's one of those reads that you want to snuggle up in bed and read in an evening.The Characters: For the most part I liked Vane and Audra. Audra's angst was a little too much at times but its not unrealistic that she would be like that but her whining sort of grated on me. Messenger did a good job at giving Vane a realistic male voice, as he focused on Audra's appearance about as much as I would aspect a teen guy to. He was a genuinely nice guy that was likeable and had some pretty funny lines. Some of the parental interactions rang false to me being a mom myself. As for the romance between Vane and Audra it was believable and built up nicely but for some reason I just wasn't overly moved by it--thinking it was more me than the writing? I'm not sure why that was.Final thoughts:I will read the sequel and I look forward to where Messenger takes Audra and Vane in the next book. My Friends Are Fiction